On Tour

It’s a privilege to have you partner with our ministry as we share what God is doing in Central and Eastern Europe during our JV Fall Recruitment/Support Raising Tour. We are ending our second week, and have visited several colleges, supporting churches, and supporters.

You are involved in a strategic ministry that is bearing much fruit. I hope the following story will bless you as it has us as we share how an American team can make an impact.

In 2011, Miro (boy in the middle) came to one of our camps to learn English and hang out with the Americans. However, after camp the youth group did not see him for a while. The Americans on that team continued their friendship and stayed in touch with Miro over social media. The following summer he did not attend the camp, but stayed in touch with some of the Americans.
This past summer was Miro’s last opportunity to attend the camp. The Americans had invited him to come and wanted to see him. Shame sat in with Miro because he had not spent time with the youth group. However, the Americans never gave up and Miro attended. It was at this camp that Miro accepted Christ, and is currently being discipled by the youth group.

As we recruit interns and short-term teams to partner with our ministry in Slovakia, it’s encouraging to see how God can use anyone from any country to be part of His plans to lead someone like Miro to Him.

Will you pray for Miro to continue to grow in his relationship with the Lord, and for all the people we’ve met along the way to partner with us as an intern, or join a short-term team, or invest in our ministry?