A Body at Rest

I’m thankful for the times God has given me to rest, and learn. Grieving is a process that I know will continue in the months to come. I’ve had sad moments as I think about my dad, Savana, and/or Slovakia. They were all part of my life. However, I’ve experienced God’s comfort through the Holy Spirit, who dwells in me, and puts His comfort of Christ in me during these hard times. (John 14)

I’ve learned with pain or suffering there is joy. We cannot have one without the other. As Timothy Keller says, “there is no way to get through life unless you know how to get through suffering. And there is no way to get through suffering unless you have a living Hope.” (1 Peter 1)

God has been, is, and continues to be my living Hope. Through this lost, I’ve been drawn closer to Him. And, as I take each step, I rejoice in the small things He has been teaching and providing me.