A Body in Motion

A Body in Motion…

After seeking the Lord on where and what He would have me do next, I’m excited to share that I will continue to serve with Josiah Venture, but in our home office located in Wheaton, IL to help both our JV Nationals and North Americans.

God has opened the doors wide for me to use the gifts and skills I have to further His kingdom, where I will…

  • Help the organization continue to grow using my project management skills,
  • Recruit and Mobilize others to serve alongside our teams, and
  • Be part of our care team, especially in creating a single men’s care ministry.

I am very thankful for your continued support I’ve received over the years and how God has provided for my ministry with Josiah Venture. However, before I can move to the Wheaton/Chicago area, I need to raise an additional $1700/month to cover the increase in the cost of living, and the amount I’ve lost since returning to the States. I also need to raise an additional $7000 for start up needs to include purchasing household items, furniture, computer, and moving expenses.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with my ministry with Josiah Venture by either giving a one-time gift or investing monthly? 

If you’d like to invest and partner with me, you may give here.

I believe God is calling me to remain in ministry to equip young leaders and mobilize others to reach the 99% of young people in Central and Eastern Europe who don’t have a personal relationship with the Lord. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. In the meantime, would you also lift up a prayer for Jany, Denisa and Darina who will arrive on Saturday?