God Answers in His Timing

Dear Faithful Friends,

Well, it’s been a month since I’ve returned to the States, and you know you’ve been out of the country far to long when…you exit the Atlanta airport and forgot about humidity. Or you visit a Moe’s and after they greet you, they ask,  “what kind of protein do you want?” rather then, “do you want beef or chicken?”

I also realized that it’s been since 2002 that I have experienced a summer in America.

I’m doing well; adapting, resting, and reconnecting with family and friends. And, I appreciate your support, especially your prayers! The Lord has been answering them, that I thought I’d share two stories with you.

A Valentine Sent from Heaven
My mom is doing well. She has good and sad moments, and one thing she has requested from God is to have a moment with my dad; to see him in a dream, or to hear his voice/talk with him. The Lord had been quiet up until yesterday. As mom was cleaning out some things, she found a valentine card she had kept from my dad, and as she opened it, she heard his valentine message. It was one of those cards that you can record a personal message. Well the card brought tears to both of us, as we listened to him share with mom how much he loved her. It was the right message at just the right time. Thank you God for a sweet answered prayer!

Seeking Wisdom Starts with…
I’ve asked you to pray for wisdom as I seek the Lord for what He is calling me too in this next season, and the Lord has also been answering. Besides reading a few good books that have helped me with grieving, He has taken me through a study back to the basic foundation for wisdom, that begins when we “fear the Lord.”

A reverent fear where we honor, praise, take refuge in, put our trust in, walk in obedience, and/or seek His favor. It all begins with Jesus. He is our foundation, and once we start with that in mind, He will teach us, and promises to give us wisdom, understanding (Prov. 9:10 & Job 28:28), and many other blessings.

So as I walk down this new path, and ask you to pray for wisdom and discernment, will you join me in fearing the Lord daily so we can have access to His wisdom and understanding?

I appreciate your continued support and want you to know that I’m in contact with our team in Slovakia. They are wrapping up their summer ministries, and we look forward to sharing some fruitful stories next month.