Savana Rose

It seems like this is the year for mourning for our family. Last night, my mom had to put to sleep our loyal companion and friend, Savana Rose, of 13 years.

Savana was a great dog that loved to wake up every morning at 4:00 to be taken out and fed. She loved walking in the woods with me while I spent time with our Creator. She loved carrying and running after her orange toy. She loved going for a “R-I-D-E” or to the “P-A-R-K”, two words we could not say out loud unless we meant it, and she was always there with a smile, a toy or a lick.

I have fond memories of taking her camping with friends. One time, the guys stayed in our tent and the girls, Diane and Savana, were in their tent. I remember waking up the next morning over breakfast, and Diane saying that Savana not only blessed her with a fart, but also kicked her off the mattress pad/sleeping bag.

Another time, after returning from our Memorial weekend camping trip, Savana and I were on our nightly walk around the neighborhood, when she got bit by a copperhead snack on a street near my house. I had to take her to the ER. She had a swollen lip and the doctors told me that it was better she got bitten then me.

She was a gift from God to all of us in so many parts and seasons of our lives. She will be missed, but I know without a shadow of doubt, that she with my dad. This is hard on me as I raised her until I moved to Slovakia and then my parents adopted her. And, it’s hard for my mom who is now alone in her home, but we have our hope and faith in the Lord during these times of sufferings as we anticipate the future glory we will have in Christ and when we can be reunited with them. (Romans 8:18-25)