Everyone is Marked

I’ve been reading Bonheoffer’s biography book and learning about him, how the German church wrestled with Hitler and how they related or not related to and cared for the Jews. It gives great details how the church responded and acted, and how the Jews were marked and treated. It’s no reminder, but they were not allowed to go to certain places like church, shops, etc., nor were others allowed to visit their shops and homes. They were marked with a yellow Star of David.

Having lost another member of our family this year, tears have fallen again, and we are marked again with sadness. After people hear our stories, they sense the sadness and loss. Some are reminded of their lost loved ones or think about their current situation. Some have shared that they don’t know what to do or say. I tell them to love God, love others, and be there for us to listen, talk to, or invite for a meal. Just knowing someone is there, means a great deal.

Since dad’s passing everyone has gone back to their daily lives. Thankfully, mom has got a great community of friends inviting her out for meals, and she receives daily contacts over the phone with friends, my brother and me.

I’ll be open for a second. Because I am separated from the States, at times, I feel like nothing ever happened, because my dad and I talked once a week on the phone with my mom. And so it seems normal, until I talk to my mom, and then it is a reminder that my dad did pass away. I weep at times when I see a photo, or a memory comes up. The culture here does not talk about death or grieving much.

Being single, and in a foreign country, I find myself wondering what I am to do. I do find myself not wanting to be around a lot of people, but other times need to be around people to take my mind off of things. Jany (John), my roommate, is a great listener and doing a good job getting me out with our friends. And other then that, I am learning to rejoice in the little things, like the contacts that are made from friends in the States.

Daily, I’m in scripture, and receive emails of encouragement from the grief site, and I’m on my own with the Lord in prayer. He has reminded me that I too am marked with a seal that I belong to Jesus. (Eph. 1:11-14) It’s my identity. For God created me, loves me and calls me His son. And that is where I find my rest and comfort in times like this.

So, whether you are going through grief, know someone who is, or may soon deal with grief, know that we are all marked, and that the Lord has you in the palm of His hands.