A personal thank you for the last 10 years doing KECY English Camps together from me and Peter Michalcik.


Helped with 3 EXIT Tours where we had 5 nations represented for the Fall EXIT Tour (USA, UK, Germany, Czech and Slovakia). Welcomed the Chases, Darina Mala and Zuzka Potocka, helped with 10 KECY camps with 139 unbelievers and 71 professions of faith. Our youth group multiplied into two groups after KECY going from 10… Read More »


Continued serving on the TCKompas ministry team, with the local church- youth group, & Iron Men Skupinka, welcomed Josh Howard & Eva Kohutova to the JV team, praised God that Martin Figura accepted Christ after many years. We did 9 camps with 1 out of 4 KECY campers putting their faith in the Lord! Past… Read More »


Welcomed Jany Simocko and the Rumbolds to our team, began Iron Men Skupinka, trained our youth group, said good bye to Laura Troutman, helped with 8 KECY camps, with 192 non-believers and 50 professions of faith, began and coordinated the first EXIT Tour in two cities where we met over 3000 students and planted over… Read More »


Finished up working on the Bteam to transition back to Slovakia to serve with the TCKompas ministry. Passage into pray4mike.com May 2009 – present Began to serve alongside the TCKompas leadership, helped with 7 KECY camps that had over 186 non-believers and 45 professions of faith, mentored in our school of leadership, and started a… Read More »


Started a small group titled from the TV show, “Prison Break” with a few Czech guys, said good-bye to Paige Crawford and Kenric Hale, and welcomed Maruska to our team. Peter M. became the KECY SK Director, traveled to Israel where I served over 250 youth leaders from over 51 nations, coordinated conferences, continued helping… Read More »


Created a new communication package for JV, served as the JV conference coordinator, and visited our JV Staff in various countries. Helped SK with 2 KECY camps that had 131 unbelievers attended in the summer. to continue on the timeline, go to 2008 link


Jan – Sept. Transitional year from Slovakia/local ministries to a global ministry with JV. Summer – 4 KECY camps that touched 250 students, strengthened relationships and getting to know the Figura family, and led a cross-cultural missions experience back to Serbia with six different cultures (UK, CZ, SK, CA, USA, and SRB) participating. JV Journal… Read More »


Had two van accidents that summer with one that involved a boarr, held 5 KECY camps with around 242 unbelievers attending, began a college/career group with our youth group, welcomed to our team Amy Lawlor & Lee Ann Barton, pioneered the first English “Chat” Camp in Serbia, and Peter M. joined JV. to continue on… Read More »


Established a healthy local ministry by working alongside Peter Michalcik and discipling Jany Simocko, and a few other guys. And helped organized 5 KECY Camps with 180 unbelievers attending. to continue on the timeline, go to 2005 link