Update: 09/01/2013
My daddy went to be with Jesus this evening. I am so thankful and blessed that I got to spend last night and today with him. Our family thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement. He was 63 years old, and married to my mom for 43 years…they were high school sweethearts. He was a good husband and father. He will be missed, but we know and believe He is with our Heavenly Father who is also with us. Ecc. 3:1-13

Update: 09/01/2013 b
Went to see dad this afternoon. His numbers were all over and we need a miracle. Prayers are welcomed. My brother is coming up tomorrow to be with us.

Update: 09/01/2013 a
Update on my dad: It was great to visit my dad today and access his condition. He is really sick, and we need your prayers for complete healing on his body that only the Lord can do. He is in good hands.

This morning I read Acts 9, and was encouraged with the words Peter said to Aeneas, “Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and take care of your mat.” Immediately Aeneas got up.” – Acts 9:34.

Today, I am holding onto those same words, that Jesus heals and praying that my dad will get up.

Update: 06/01/2013
Dad is now on dialysis for his kidneys, and I am coming home to be with him and mom. Thanks to a great friend, I’ll fly out on Tuesday. Please continue to pray…his pancreas is still sick, and his vitals go up and down. We are trusting in the Lord as, “The Lord our God is with us, the Mighty Warrior who saves…” Zeph. 3:17a

Update: 05/01/2013
We are praying for a miracle. This morning his stats were good, but now they are not. It’s a roller coaster ride and they will put him on dialysis tomorrow. Please continue to pray…mom is holding up well.

Update: 03/01/2013
Thank you so much for your continued prayers for my dad and family. They are still needed. Rather then going into so many details, I will just let you know that my dad is in ICU, on life support and is stable. The doctors tell us that there will be good moments and bad moments as we pray for his pancreas to heal. Some of his vitals are getting better and then others get worst. It’s an up and down roller coaster ride. The doctors have told us that this will be a long process, but are optimistic.

Mom is doing well as can be expected and is very thankful for your prayers. My brother will head back home with his family on Saturday. He’s been a good support for mom.

For me, I feel helpless, alone and detached from all that they are going through. I am learning a great deal about Him, others and myself. So I lean on Him daily to walk me through this unusual time, and am thankful for your prayers.

Update: 02/01/2013
Thanks for your prayers, and please keep praying. He is now in stable condition, but still on life support. Doctors are optimistic.

Update: 31/12/2012

Dad is still in ICU on a ventilator, and resting. Mom is by his side. Some of his vitals are improving. Thank you for your prayers and we ask that you please continue covering us with your prayers. 2013 is around the corner here in Slovakia, and I’m trusting in the Lord. We’ll keep you posted here and on my Face Book account.

Update: 30/12/2012:

They’ve put my dad on a ventilator and wanting him to get some rest for the next day or two in ICU before they go in. Please pray for all infections to go away, especially his pancreas. Thank you for covering us with your prayers!!! A friend of mine sent me this quote and it encouraged me and hope it will you too:

“When I cannot read, when I cannot think, when I cannot even pray, I can trust.” ― J. Hudson Taylor

Posted: 30/12/2012:

Dear Friends,

I hope you all have had a great Christmas with your loved ones and doing well. I’d like to ask if you’d lift my family in prayer, especially my dad.

Long story short, 5 years ago he had a colonoscopy, and then a reverse one. His doctor said he should have his gall bladder removed as well, but the surgeon decided not too. And all has been better until now. He had been fighting a flu over Christmas and then had serious pains that led him to the ER on Friday.

The antibiotics he was on for the flu covered up his infections to both his gall bladder and pancreas. He is in a lot of pain and the doctors are trying to get his blood counts, and other numbers in a good position, and get rid of the infection from his pancreas before they can go in and take out his gall bladder.

They are doing a serious of scans right now before they make their final decision.

Please pray for my dad’s organs and body to be in the right situation to get his gall bladder taken out. Pray for his doctors to make wise decisions that are focused on my father needs, and for my family.

Thankfully my brother and his family are with my mom and they too would welcome your prayers for peace and comfort.

It was a great blessing to be home for the holidays, but had I known this, I would have stayed longer. I am back in Slovakia, and praying for them on this side of the ocean. I too could use your prayers.

Thank you for taking time out to lift my family to the Lord who is our great Physician.