EXIT Tour Story

Over the last few years TCKompas have been struggling with attacks from a few Lutherans. One of those is a close friend of a Lutheran pastor whom we partnered with during this tour.

Peter worked hard in building trust and a strong relationship with this pastor who allowed us to live for the week in their dormitory and helped us get a concert hall for free for the local churches. We ran into a few glitches during the week that almost caused more problems, but in the end, God did something amazing.

Peter met with the pastor after the concert and got his opinion about our work we’d done during the week with his church. In response, the pastor was in awe, and praised the work we did and do for Slovakia. He was sorry for what he had bought into and told Peter that we need to keep working with local churches in training the youth in how to share the gospel and follow up with the students through discipleship.

The next day, he was at our after party and spending time with the youth and students.

Praise God and thank you for your prayers!