An EXIT Tour Experience

This evening I was with two members of the band, Faith Child. They were the band that came to Slovakia to serve alongside our EXIT Tour ministry. I asked them their thoughts about EXIT Tour and was touched by what they had to say.

Michael, the band leader, shared with me that this experience really opened his eyes to see how ministry is and should be. He returned with a fresh new perspective on what he needs to be doing in his ministry, especially overcoming his busy day to day life in London.

Aaron, the youngest member, shared with me that after returning from Slovakia, he learned how to be more bold with his faith, and that in one of his university classes, he had the opportunity to share with his classmates his experience, which led to one of his classmates wanting to meet with him to talk more about God.

Will you please pray for these men and for their ministry opportunities in London and around the world?


photo | L2R: Katka, Jany, Aaron, Michael and me