First Generational Story

Last weekend, I got to catch up with Jany (John) Cerensky and see how he and his ministry is doing. I’ve known Jany for the last ten years and have enjoyed watching his walk with the Lord strengthen, and how God has and is using him to reach students for His Kingdom.

Jany accepted Christ through our English camp ministry, KECY, got plugged into a small group, was discipled, got involved in another ministry during college, did a short term trip to the States, graduated from college, and is now leading the college/career ministry in his local church as a volunteer.

This past fall, we invited Jany to attend our JV Fall Conference. The topic of the conference focused on Evangelism. After attending the conference, God challenged him to go home and share the gospel with his family. More importantly, he felt called to work part time in order to focus on his local ministry.

In doing so, he had to ask his boss if he could start working part-time. His boss, who happens to be his father, agreed and told him that he’d receive his full-time wage in order to do what God is calling him to do. This conversation also provided an opportunity to share the Gospel with his family.

Will you pray for Jany and for his family. As a first-generation Christian, it’s a huge challenge and blessing to be able to live out his faith in front of them and your prayers are welcomed.