EXIT Tour began on Monday, and we’ve felt and experienced your prayers as we serve together to reach over 1300 student’s hearts for Christ in Bardejov!

On Monday, our team met and prayed for a harvest in the city of 20,000, and we are in awe of what He is doing. During our first day, we saw 32 students put their faith in Christ! And today, after our evening meeting, we heard of another 75 students who prayed to receive Christ!


In fact, this is taken place during the breaks at the schools, and before we have our concert on Friday where we will share the Gospel. Imagine 107 new students in your youth group. We are praying for more students to have opportunities to hear and respond to the Gospel. And, we are asking you to remain in prayer with us.

EXIT Tour is where we partner with local churches to go into high schools and offer preventative programs to students on  topics like drugs and alcohol, AIDS, pornography, self-image, and family. We invite a Christian band to join us in reaching these student for Christ through music assemblies, and offering a free-sponsored concert at the end of the week where the Gospel is presented. With hopes that afterwards, the youth groups will follow up and lead these students into a growing relationship with the Lord.

This year, our team consists of the body of Christ from 5 different nations, working with the Lutheran and Catholic churches. We’ve invited Faith Child, a Christian band from the UK to join us with the assistance of volunteers and lecturers like an elderly couple who shares his Holocaust survivor story, a former porn star who shares her story, as well as the dangers of pornography, and a Roma (gypsy) man who was imprisoned for drugs and found Christ.

Please keep praying for our team, for the students, and for the youth groups who have a lot of discipling to do after we finish this week.

Thanks for joining us,