EXIT Tour 1st Week Update

Thank you for joining us in prayer as we reach the youth of Slovakia for Christ. We finished our first week’s EIXT Tour in Bardejov, and praising God for all He did and provide for us!

From what we know, after 5 nations coming together to reach 1300 students in four schools, serving along two churches (Lutheran and Catholic) we had…

* 255 students attend our afternoon activities during the week
* Over 185 students prayed to receive Christ during our school breaks
* Over 500 students attend the concert with 206 completing out our surveys and 95% of them wanting to know more about God.
* Over 130 students participate in the EXIT Tour After party

As you can see God provided and now we need to pray for and encourage the youth groups to follow up with these students. The volunteers were amazing and brought so much life, and joy to the tour. They served over and beyond what we ever expected. FAITH CHILD are a great group of guys who love the Lord and perform their hearts out for the students to connect with the youth groups and our team to share Christ with them. Our friends from the Czech Republic (Jena, Kevin and Josh) are doing a great job taking care of the setting up/taking down the equipment, and managing the sound and technical things.

The lecturers and translators (Marek, Tomas, The Graumanns, Sindy, Zac Shepperson, Peter Hrubo and Noro) are taking bold steps of faith to share preventative lessons and their personal stories for students to come to know Christ. Our ET team (Peter Michalcik, Jany Simocko, Eva Kohutova, Zuzka Potocka, Jany Havrila, and Jordan Moytl) are serving the youth groups, band, volunteers, team, etc. very well. We are also grateful for the Rumbold family in hosting us each afternoon in between the school visits and afternoon activities!



Please pray for…

  • Our team, as we begin our second tour week in Poprad. We are resting, and preparing for a harder week where we will go into three schools, mostly made up of boy schools.
  • Our health and strength as we enter this new week.
  • The youth groups to take bold steps of faith in serving and sharing, and for the student’s hearts to accept Christ. I look forward to sharing more at the end of the week. If you’d like to stay connected during the week, please visit us on FaceBook at: EXIT Tour SK. We keep it up to date every day with school, afternoon activities and concert photos.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers,