The Bride of Christ in Bardejov

Photo | This weekend we held our EXIT Tour Training with youth groups connected with the Lutheran and Catholic churches. During our time, we ran into this wedding couple and asked them to be in our group photo.

What a beautiful picture of the Bride Of Christ coming together to reach the youth of Bardejov?!

Since the fall of 2010, we’ve partnered with 15 churches in 5 towns, have been in 17 schools, met over 7600 students, past out 650 bibles, and have had 655 professions of faith.  Praise God!

EXIT Tour is a ministry where we partner with local churches in a given town, go into three to four schools to offer preventative seminars, build relationships with students, invite them to a free rock concert, share the Gospel, and have the local churches lead them through a growing relationship with Christ.

Next week, we will be in two more cities (Bardejov and Poprad) with Faith Child from the UK, and several seminar speakers that will talk about pornography, sex, AIDS, drinking, family, with a Holocaust survivor’ sharing his story.

Please pray for our team as we come together as the bride of Christ with 5 local churches, and go into 7 schools to share the Gospel with over 1000 students.