Search and Rescue | JV Fall Conference

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” – Luke 19:10

Last week, over 200 JV team and youth leaders, from 14 countries gathered for our annual training conference. We brought 24 from Slovakia to be part of the conference focused on Evangelism with the theme, Search and Rescue.

Centered on evangelism, we went back to the basics of how, why, when and where to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Everyone was put into squads. I was the leader for Squad 4 which consisted of Vadym & Siava, two guys from Ukraine, Viktoria, a Polish girl who just became a youth leader two weeks before the conference, and Martina, a youth pro from the Czech Republic. In the middle of the week, all squads went out into Poland, Czech and Slovakia to share the Gospel.

Our squad went into Slovakia for the day, and later that night, we all grouped back together to celebrate that all squads met an estimate of 339 people with 8 people praying to receive Christ. I know that number may seem low, but our God is good to soften the hearts from a part of the world that is very hard and skeptical!

Will you pray for the 24 from Slovakia who came to the conference, and for Squad 4, who have returned back to their communities to share Christ’s love with their peers?

(PHOTO | L2R: Siava, Vadym, me, Viktoria, and Martina)