Third Term | Sheppersons

We finished our summer doing three more KECYs and one Fusion camp. However, our team received a huge blow when one of our American families was in a major car accident just thirty minutes from their camp location during our training days.

Kim Shepperson was driving to camp with three of their four children, following Zac, her husband, who had already arrived at camp. There was road construction, and one of her wheels came off the road, causing her to turn into the oncoming traffic where a Canadian T-boned the driver’s side of their van. She was airlifted to the Banska Bystrica hospital, and suffered six broken ribs, had her spleen removed and liver stitched. She was released from the hospital this week and is doing well.

Their daughter Gwyneth suffered a right broken arm and a broken left inner anklebone. She was sent to the Poprad hospital and was released a few days later. She is doing well.

Their five-year-old son, Hampton, was also airlifted to the Kosice hospital. He received a major cut on his nose and forehead with some neck and head trauma. He was released a few days later and had his stitches removed this week.

Their oldest son, Samuel, received a bruise and stayed at that camp with the interns, while Zac took care of his family who were spread out over the country.

Thankfully, Emily, their other daughter was at our camp, and did a great job serving the students.

God is merciful and in control. And it was a blessing to see our team come together as we were all over the country serving local churches, to help the Sheppersons in their time of need.  Please pray for them as they manage through the insurance paperwork, purchase a new vehicle and heal together. And for rest.