Second Term | Presov CB KECY

This camp was 10 years in the making.  When I first came to Slovakia, I worked with two youth groups in Presov before making a decision to serve alongside the Lutheran Church. The other church was the Brethren church. I had hoped & prayed that one day they too would do a KECY outreach.

Last year, we did an EXIT Tour in Presov with several churches. And we saw fruits from that ministry with the Brethren church. They had many students coming to their weekly meetings that we agreed to do a KECY this summer with them, two in one city. And a KECY they did.

EXIT/KECY Friendship (Photo | L2R: Igor and Nika)
It was so encouraging to see how one of our ministries, EXIT could connect many students to another one of our ministries KECY with the local church.

Nika is friends with Jany’s sister. And, Igor heard about EXIT Tour in a bar after meeting a few girls from a school we had visited that week. They invited him to come to the concert, & afterwards, got plugged into the youth groups EXIT Klub. At the end of our camp, Igor came to me, hugged me & kept thanking me for the camp. I later found out that he had put his faith in Christ that night. Praise God!

In the end, they had 7 professions of Faith at camp. It’s been encouraging to hear how the youth group’s follow up is going with students interested in learning more about Jesus. I also believe that their new pastor, Martin, played an integral part in supporting the youth group this last year. It was a blessing to have him participate at KECY the entire week. He is an amazing man who loves the Lord & youth. And I look forward to seeing God move among this youth group in the years to come. (Photo | L2R: Martin & his son Paul)